24 02 2010

So, if you still read this blog and don’t believe I’m going to post anymore, think again! I’ve been writing up some *stuff* and I have some GREAT ideas on how to improve. My blog that is.

I’m working on a separate site that I will post all my articles/guides on. It will be updated regularly with new posts. Some people have asked for things other than Resto. Well, good news is I’m actually going to be posting a lot about kittehs, bears and space chickens! Wait…Opps! Did I just spill it?

Well, might as well fill you in on the rest then. I have some people interested in guest posts, ranging from DPS to healing to tanking to soloing content and more :)! I’m working on a PvP and leveling series for all you…Umm….PvP’ers and levelers…Out there. I’ll also be finishing up my “What to do when you hit 80” guides.

Anyway, I might post a bit more here before moving, just to keep you guys interested.



13 02 2010

It has been ages since my last post and I *had* decided to shut down the blog. I’m now raiding with my Druid so I would like to start it up again and try to give you all some tips!

I have a few ideas for my next post and hopefully they will be better quality than my old ones. Some ideas are:

  • Strats for Resto Feral and Balance Druids for ToC and ICC bosses
  • A leveling series
  • DPS and Healing guides (Tanking will come eventually)
  • Much more

If you are reading this and your bothered, feel free to request a post anything in the comments, that would be great!