Bear Tanking – The Basics

26 12 2009

EDIT: I know this is a pretty poor guide and I promise I will have a better one soon in the future. Really, I will…

Hey everyone. This is the first part in a 4 part series on the basics of each role as a Druid. If you already know how to play a Bear Tank well and you’re looking for advanced techniques, this guide probably won’t provide you with any information you don’t know. I give credit to Thatgrimguy and his post on bear tanking. That guide taught me what I need to know to write this guide (plus personal experience.) One last thing; I’m not going to tell you “Maybe do this, or this, or this.” I am going to straight out tell you ONE of the best ways to do it. In the future I’ll give you in-depth guides on advanced tanking, DPS and Healing but for now, the basics…

How To Spec/Glyph


(Feral) Faerie Fire (Replace with normal FFF ability)

/cast Faerie Fire (feral)
/cast !Maul

Swipe (Replace with normal Swipe ability)

/cast Swipe (bear)(Rank 8)
/cast !Maul

Lacerate (Replace with normal Lacerate ability)

/cast Lacerate
/cast !Maul

Mangle (Replace with normal Mangle (Bear) ability)

/cast Mangle (bear)(rank 5)
/cast !Maul

Threat Rotation

  • Keep Mangle (Bear) and FFF on cooldown.
  • Keep up 5 stacks of Lacerate
  • If you are using the macro’s above, Maul will be queuing after each ability so there is (almost) no need to manually use Maul.

Staying Alive (Cooldowns)

While your healers will (hopefully) be healing you when you’re tanking, there are points when things go wrong for whatever reason. Luckily, we have abilities to stay alive a bit longer to let the healers get back in gear.

  • Survival Instincts – 30% more health for 20 seconds! This affects your total health. If glyphed it goes from 30% up to a staggering 45%! After 20 seconds the gained health is lost. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t kill you if your health is too low at the end. It will just take it to 1. So if it expires and you only have, say, 5k health it will reduce your health to 1. (3 Minute CD)
  • Frenzied Regeneration – Converts up to 10 rage per second into health for 10 seconds. Each point of rage is converted into 0.3% of max health. (3 Minute CD)
  • Barkskin – 20% of damage taken is reduced for 12 seconds. A good use of this is when a boss goes into a Frenzy, an example would be on XT Deconstructor. (1 Minute CD)


This might disappoint you but… I’m not going to add much to this part. I want to stay very basic in this post. The only thing I’ll say is this; Try and eat Stamina food, Gem for Stamina and Enchant for Stamina. there are some exceptions but, sorry, not covering them just yet.

…Thats part 1 for you all. I do realize that you can get the information on other sites but I thought I would give you a guide that sums up what you NEED to know. I will admit, this is probably the worst guide I will write in the 4 part series because I don’t know as much about Bear Tanking as, say, Healing. Or, well… any other role.


8 Reasons To Play A Druid

24 12 2009

This post is for new players & re-rollers who want to know the pro’s and con’s of a Druid. I really enjoy playing Druid but there some faults to consider. Not many, but a few.

The Good Things

  • If you ever get bored of one roll, just re-spec! We can do all of the 4 rolls: Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Tanking and Healing. You will almost never get bored.
  • An ability for every situation.
  • At level 20 you can learn Prowl which is essentially a druid version of stealth.
  • Epic Flight Form!
  • Jaw-dropping DPS potential (Feral Cats were doing over 8k DPS on Patchwork before Ulduar!)
  • A Teleport to Moonglade spell.
  • A lot more than on this list (that is a good thing.)
  • 2 Words; Moonkin Dance.

The Bad Things

  • If you have more than one spec you will have to carry around a lot of extra gear in your bags.
  • A lot of nice-looking armor will rarely get seen as your in a form most of the time.
  • Certain achievements (such as But I’m On Your Side) are much more difficult for a Druid.

A Further Look Into The Good Things

  • ‘If you ever get bored of one roll, just re-spec! We can do all of the 4 rolls: Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Tanking and Healing. You will almost never get bored.’

This is ONE of the main reasons people choose Druids. You get into groups fast, you can solo great with healing + bear form and, like I said before, you almost NEVER get bored.

  • ‘An ability for every situation.’

I thought of this while playing in a WSG Battleground. I was in Moonkin-Form in the opposing teams flag room. There were 2 other people in there, both alliance (I’m Horde), I Rooted one of them and cycloned the other. I then switched to Cat-Form and used dash to sprint out of the room. When dash wore off I went into Travel-Form to continue for 40% + speed. Another Druid Rooted me. I just quickly pressed travel form twice to escape the snare and sped to our room to hand in the flag!

  • ‘At level 20 you can learn Prowl which is essentially a druid version of stealth.’

If you’re not familiar with Stealth, this is how it works – You enter a state where you are Invisible to enemies unless you come close to them/they come close to you. This works with opposing faction players too. You can sneak your way into lots of places other classes would spend hours doing. You do it in a matter of minutes.

  • ‘Epic Flight Form!’

If you ask a Druid to name their 3 favorite things about playing a Druid. This almost certainly will make the list. It’s like a 280% mount (or 310%) but it’s instant cast and you don’t dismount while trying to pick things up (thats why so many Druids are Herbalists.) If you happen to randomly wander off a really high mountain, just hit Flight Form/Epic Flight Form and you will be saved.

  • ‘Jaw-dropping DPS potential (Feral Cats were doing over 8k DPS on Patchwork before Ulduar!)’

I’m not so sure about Moonkins (only played one for a bit) but I know this is true for Feral “Kittehs”. I must warn you, great power comes with great responsibility… Or, in this case, lots of timers to pay attention to.

  • ‘A Teleport to Moonglade spell.’

This functions the same as a Death Knights Death Gate spell. Moonglade is a home to Druids with trainers, quest givers and easy access to Felwood and Winterspring. If you are still leveling up, you’re seconds away from training your new ability’s whenever you “DING!”

  • ‘A lot more than on this list (that is a good thing.)’

This is true. Because Druids are such a versatile class, there are so many aspects to them. Most of the aspects make Druids fun to play.

  • ‘2 Words; Moonkin Dance.’

Only this video can show you what I mean.


A Further Look Into The Bad Things

  • ‘If you have more than one spec you will have to carry around a lot of extra gear in your bags.’

This isn’t too much of a problem but if you decide to put them into your bank you won’t have instant access. Of course if you only have one spec this doesn’t matter (as long as that spec isn’t Feral tank/DPS)

  • ‘A lot of nice-looking armor will rarely get seen as your in a form most of the time.’

One of the most complained-about things from Druids. If you don’t care for aesthetics, this also isn’t a problem.

This is a bit of a problem, but once again, if you don’t care for achievements it doesn’t matter.


Thats my second article out. Hope you enjoyed it and remember, tell your friends and guild members if you did 🙂

Healing Unit Frames

24 12 2009

Hey all. This is my first “real” post here (meaning my first article.)  Since I have added the Guides section to the blog, I just want to get some articles out there and information on the site, and when my reader-base is much higher (as I’m writing this post I haven’t got a single view yet) I will do more consistent posts. For example, a leveling series. One more thing; I’m pretty new to blogging so I don’t really have a style yet (remember the “yet” part.) Anyway, here is the guide:

If your going to be an end-game healer, you really need a healing unit frame. They are essential, you will become so much more effective with them. There was once a time where I didn’t use any. A guild member advised me to use HealBot and my HPS increased from 1500 to 3000+. Now, main-tank healers can get away without using them (only just) but raid-healers can’t. Many let you mouse over a raid member and press a key combination to start casting a spell on them (for example, left-click casts nourish with my set-up.) Ok, I’ll stop going on about how great they are now. Here are a few to consider: (These are not the only ones but are some of the best)


An easy to use and configure add-on with low memory consumption. Good for starter-healing but as you get better it becomes less useful and the others explained in this guide become more useful.

Grid + Clique

Very customizable, popular with many healers. Because of all the customization options it might be a bit difficult to set up.


Good configuration options, easy to set up. Lot’s of needed information on screen that the other 2 add-ons may lack. This is my add-on of choice after going from HealBot to Grid + Clique.

Once you have your healing unit frame downloaded, deciding where to place it on the screen is very important. Many healers put it to the side of the screen (usually the left.) This is a bad idea because it makes your eyes move a longer distance to focus on what is going on around you. The extra time used seems very small but sometimes that one extra spell makes the difference between losing the fight and winning it (on a long boss fight it will be more than one heal anyway, you could be missing out on tens of thousands of health recovered.) In short: Put it somewhere that minimizes the distance your eyes need to move. NoStockUI has got a great post on how to position your raid frames.

That is my first guide. If you liked it then it would be great if you tell your friends/guild members about it. Let me know what you think in the comments.


24 12 2009

Welcome to The Feral Druid! A new, Druid-based website to help you get the most out of an already great class. We will have videos, guides, tips, trick, pictures and much more. This is the first post of many. I hope you enjoy my posts, I’m going to get started! 🙂

– Quick note: The blog name is “The Feral Tree” although that doesn’t mean the feral spec tree. I means the feral and resto spec blog (Feral = Spec, Tree = Form.) Hmm… Maybe I’ll post about Moonkins in the future.

UPDATE: I know that the blog name “The Feral Tree” seems sort of… well… lame (at least in my opinion) and I will be upgrading this blog to a .com or .net URL in the near future with a new name.