Bear Tanking – The Basics

26 12 2009

EDIT: I know this is a pretty poor guide and I promise I will have a better one soon in the future. Really, I will…

Hey everyone. This is the first part in a 4 part series on the basics of each role as a Druid. If you already know how to play a Bear Tank well and you’re looking for advanced techniques, this guide probably won’t provide you with any information you don’t know. I give credit to Thatgrimguy and his post on bear tanking. That guide taught me what I need to know to write this guide (plus personal experience.) One last thing; I’m not going to tell you “Maybe do this, or this, or this.” I am going to straight out tell you ONE of the best ways to do it. In the future I’ll give you in-depth guides on advanced tanking, DPS and Healing but for now, the basics…

How To Spec/Glyph


(Feral) Faerie Fire (Replace with normal FFF ability)

/cast Faerie Fire (feral)
/cast !Maul

Swipe (Replace with normal Swipe ability)

/cast Swipe (bear)(Rank 8)
/cast !Maul

Lacerate (Replace with normal Lacerate ability)

/cast Lacerate
/cast !Maul

Mangle (Replace with normal Mangle (Bear) ability)

/cast Mangle (bear)(rank 5)
/cast !Maul

Threat Rotation

  • Keep Mangle (Bear) and FFF on cooldown.
  • Keep up 5 stacks of Lacerate
  • If you are using the macro’s above, Maul will be queuing after each ability so there is (almost) no need to manually use Maul.

Staying Alive (Cooldowns)

While your healers will (hopefully) be healing you when you’re tanking, there are points when things go wrong for whatever reason. Luckily, we have abilities to stay alive a bit longer to let the healers get back in gear.

  • Survival Instincts – 30% more health for 20 seconds! This affects your total health. If glyphed it goes from 30% up to a staggering 45%! After 20 seconds the gained health is lost. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t kill you if your health is too low at the end. It will just take it to 1. So if it expires and you only have, say, 5k health it will reduce your health to 1. (3 Minute CD)
  • Frenzied Regeneration – Converts up to 10 rage per second into health for 10 seconds. Each point of rage is converted into 0.3% of max health. (3 Minute CD)
  • Barkskin – 20% of damage taken is reduced for 12 seconds. A good use of this is when a boss goes into a Frenzy, an example would be on XT Deconstructor. (1 Minute CD)


This might disappoint you but… I’m not going to add much to this part. I want to stay very basic in this post. The only thing I’ll say is this; Try and eat Stamina food, Gem for Stamina and Enchant for Stamina. there are some exceptions but, sorry, not covering them just yet.

…Thats part 1 for you all. I do realize that you can get the information on other sites but I thought I would give you a guide that sums up what you NEED to know. I will admit, this is probably the worst guide I will write in the 4 part series because I don’t know as much about Bear Tanking as, say, Healing. Or, well… any other role.