24 02 2010

So, if you still read this blog and don’t believe I’m going to post anymore, think again! I’ve been writing up some *stuff* and I have some GREAT ideas on how to improve. My blog that is.

I’m working on a separate site that I will post all my articles/guides on. It will be updated regularly with new posts. Some people have asked for things other than Resto. Well, good news is I’m actually going to be posting a lot about kittehs, bears and space chickens! Wait…Opps! Did I just spill it?

Well, might as well fill you in on the rest then. I have some people interested in guest posts, ranging from DPS to healing to tanking to soloing content and more :)! I’m working on a PvP and leveling series for all you…Umm….PvP’ers and levelers…Out there. I’ll also be finishing up my “What to do when you hit 80” guides.

Anyway, I might post a bit more here before moving, just to keep you guys interested.



13 02 2010

It has been ages since my last post and I *had* decided to shut down the blog. I’m now raiding with my Druid so I would like to start it up again and try to give you all some tips!

I have a few ideas for my next post and hopefully they will be better quality than my old ones. Some ideas are:

  • Strats for Resto Feral and Balance Druids for ToC and ICC bosses
  • A leveling series
  • DPS and Healing guides (Tanking will come eventually)
  • Much more

If you are reading this and your bothered, feel free to request a post anything in the comments, that would be great!

What to do When You Hit 80 – Gearing Up

30 12 2009

One of the most common questions from players who recently reached level 80 is “what do I do now?”. Well, you can do whatever you want actually. The real question is “how do I start to do this and this and this”.

“Do Heroics” is an answer but “Do this certain Heroic because blah” is a more useful one. There will be multiple parts to this series (as the word implies) and will end up being a comprehensive guide. There will be something for every player. If you like Achievements, its covered. Want to be a Hardmode-Raider? That too. NOTE: This guide is aimed at Druids although other classes may still get use out of it.

  1. How to Gear Up – Part 1
  2. How to Get Into Raiding – Part  2 – Not Out Yet
  3. How to Start Earning a Lot of Achievements- Part  3 – Not Out Yet
  4. How to Start PvP’ing- Part  4 – Not Out Yet
  5. How to Start Making Money (note that these aren’t get rich quick tips) – Part  5 – Not Out Yet
  6. How to Start Questing (helpful add-ons, tips, etc) – Part  6 – Not Out Yet
  7. If You Want to Make an Alt… – Part  7 – Not Out Yet

How to Gear Up

Since patch 3.3 gearing up at 80 has never been easier (although 3.2 was also easy). You will want to run Heroic-Dungeons to get Emblems of Triumph for Tier 9 gear. For the first Random-Heroic you run each day you get 2x Emblem of Frost if you complete the instance. After that first run you get 2x Emblem of Triumph for each complete dungeon. So if you run an instance with 3 bosses, and kill them all; you get 5 emblems!

Now, some Heroics are harder than others. Your not going to want to start with Halls of Reflection in quest blues/greens. One of the easiest Heroic dungeons is Utgarde Keep. It has 3 bosses and can be completed in under 30 minutes. Here is a list ordering the dungeons into difficulty:

Easy (For Players in Quest Greens/Blues)

Slightly Difficult (For Players in a Few Epics + Quest Blues)

Challenge (For Players Mostly in Epics)

(NOTE: These are not all the dungeons available)

Each boss will drop an Emblem of Triumph. These can be spent on gear and a few other things. When gearing up, the first thing to spend it on is 5 pieces of Tier-9, iLevel 232 armor. The armor can be bought from Aspirant Naradiel (75.5, 72.1 in Icecrown). The gear is as follows:




Each set totals a cost of 210x Emblem of Triumph. While obtaining these Emblems for the gear you should come across upgrade drops. Once you have the set you should start to buy iLevel 245 items in Dalaran.


If you are so undergeared for any Heroic instance that everyone will kick you, run some Regular-instances. They don’t give Emblems (except for ToC and Icecrown Dungeons) but might have some upgrades for you. If you still get kicked, look for a casual level 80 guild that will help you through. If for some horrible reason you can’t get in a guild run, you may be unlucky but you can save up gold and buy gear off the Auction House.

Thats Part 1 for you – Part 2 will talk about how to get into raiding.

Mana, Rage and Energy – Part 1

29 12 2009

NOT ENOUGH <insert crucial wipe-saving power here>!!!

While I was thinking about something to write for the blog, a question came to me. “Why did I start a Druid”. You see, I haven’t always been a Druid. When I was a lowly little noob I had a Paladin (this was waaayyy before the time when they where so ludicrously powerful. They were still invincible then but did really low damage). I also have a max-level Death Knight and had over 100 alts (I know the cap is 50 but I deleted a lot of them to make space for new ones). I started multiple Druids before, but stopped at around level 10 each time because I was so sick of killing things in over a minute (at least it felt that long). After a lot of thinking, I remembered what motivated me to push my way to 20.

I wanted to learn all the aspects of the game that I could with ONE class.

I’m a collector. I collect pets, mounts, achievements, special quest items, exalted reputations, inscription recipes, quest completed bars and more. But I only like doing it on one character. What has that got to do with wanting to play a Druid? Well, for me, learning everything I can about the game (on one character) is sort of like collecting. I’m “collecting” information. I like having things to remember. In 4 years time I’ll be able to remember old quests I completed years ago. Ok, I’ll stop my rambling now and get to the point of the post.

The “all aspects” part came from the fact that Druids have 3 different forms of power. Mana, Rage and Energy. A great thing about Druids is that you can potentially “master” all the different forms of power (except that things Death Knights have (I promise I have one at 80! Really)).

Here are a few points on the different powers.


  • Since Energy goes away quickly and comes back quickly, people who enjoy fast-pace games will enjoy using it. Its has an “easy to pick-up, hard to master” style.
  • A lot of Feral-Cat powers don’t require energy. They are on a CD but require nothing! It’s a free buff/damage ability/whatever else. An example would be Tigers Fury.


  • I might have an odd view on this but I’ll say it anyway. Mana is great for burst damage due to the fact multiple spells can be cast quickly without running out of your power. I thought of this when reading yet another “Death Knight are OP QQ” thread on the official forums. Somebody was taking about how they “spam” Icy Touch. You can’t spam it, you can use it twice every 10 seconds. This is a big reason I don’t like DK’s. Not able to unload lots of spells at one time (I know people will argue with me).


  • Quite a few people really enjoy the Rage mechanic. In raids, especially if you’re the Tank, it builds up extremely fast. When I tank it seems to never reach 0.

That is my basic explanation of our different powers. I admit, some things I might have wrong. The Druid class is so big it would take forever to learn everything. Hey! Another reason to play a Druid.

Why did I write all this? For a few reasons.

  1. To further convince re-rollers or new players to make a Druid – I mean, come on! Every kind of power on 1 class! Whatever form of power you like most you get and if you change your mind later, you have that power too! (unless you’re a Death Knight, unfortunately we don’t have Runic-Power yet.)
  2. Because…Umm… Well, I wanted to write something and thought this would be good. Why do I write a blog at all? Questions, questions…

Ok, thats part 1. Part 2 will discuss how to use the different powers effectively. If you don’t get what I mean by effectively, “Be careful when switching forms often as it uses up a lot of mana unless you have X talent” would be an example. NOTE: Part 2 MIGHT not be the next post. It will come but I’m not guaranteeing that it will be the next one.

Cataclysm – You Are Not Prepared! (yet)

28 12 2009

As we all know, Cataclysm is changing the face of Azeroth. Mountains destroyed, lands broken in half, a new era of Chuck Norris jokes will be coming to the Barrens. “Deathwing didn’t chop The Barrens in half, Chuck Norris used the power of a karate chop!” Anyway, some Meta-Achievements (such as Loremaster) are probably going to be taken away and replaced with a new one. Maybe the current title will change to “Ancient Loremaster” and the new one will be “Partial Master of Lore” (although those are just guesses). Personally I “need” Loremaster before Cataclysm, it’s a chance to do something that will later be impossible. If your like that in any way, you might be interested in a list of things to do while you still can:

  1. The Loremaster
  2. World Explorer
  3. Classic Dungeonmaster
  4. Classic Raider
  5. They Love Me In That Tunnel (I have a guide on WoW-Achievements thats tells you how to get Exalted with them. Look around on the site for it)
  6. The Argent Dawn
  7. Hero of The Zandalar Tribe
  8. Hydraxian Waterlords
  9. Brood of Nozdormu
  10. Well Read
  11. Ambassador (HordeAlliance)

If you have any to add to the list please say so in the comments. If people ask I might write guides for them. But only if people actually ask because it will take a lot of time and I don’t want to use it on something that won’t be read.

Using Innervate

27 12 2009

Innervate is one of our most useful spells. Incase you don’t know/forgot what it does; here is the tooltip:

Causes the target to regenerate mana equal to 225% of the casting Druid’s base mana pool over 10 sec.’

It has a 3 minute cooldown now (use to be longer). What some people don’t realize is that it can be cast on other players. Now, the 4 classes that you should cast it on are Druids, Paladins, Priests and Shaman. Also, you should only cast it on healers of those classes (in fact, those classes are the only ones who can BE healers). Glyph of Innervate adds 45% on top of 225%. In my Tree Healing Guide I cover Resto Druid glyphs and Glyph of Innervate is NOT on the list. If it was a Minor- Glyph I would consider using it but 45% is just way to small, especially for a Major. Hmm…. What was I going to write about again…

Oh, right… When to use it.

First, when to use NOT use it on yourself (this is assuming you have water on you):

  • Near the end of a fight
  • When your mana is above 30%
  • When you just cant be bothered to drink! Don’t use it to save 20 seconds of time
  • When somebody else will get more use out of it than you (more on that later)

When TO use it on yourself:

  • If your below 20% mana on a boss fight where the boss has more than 10% health left
  • More understandable version of the point above: Use it when the raid will wipe if you don’t

Now, using it on other people is tricky to explain. It comes from experience to decide who to cast it on. But generally, if another class has almost no mana/has no mana and your pretty sure you won’t need it anytime soon, use it on them.

If you know the healers in your raiding group then you can make a macro for this:

/target |healers name here|

/cast Innervate

/raid |healers name here| has Innervate

The last line alerts people to not cast Innervate on him/her/it.

One last thing: I wanted to make an Innovate/Innervate bad pun but couldn’t think of one. If your disappointed don’t worry because I’ll probably make an especially horrible one up in the next post.

Tree Healing – Updated for 3.3

27 12 2009

Guide updated for 3.3 on Druid healing.

  1. Speccing And Glyphing
  2. Tank Healing (10/25 Man Raids)
  3. 5 Man Dungeon Healing
  4. Raid Healing (10/25 Man Raids)
  5. PvP Healing (Battleground/Arena)
  6. Gems And Enchants
  7. Consumables
  8. Macros
  9. FAQ

Speccing And Glyphing (1)

This is a beginners healing spec with 3/3 points in Celestial Focus, increasing your Haste by quite a lot. For new 80’s, this spec is recommended.

For all purpose, “cookie-cutter” healing, this one is recommended. It doesn’t have any points in Celestial Focus but has 2/2 points in Improved Barkskin. It also has 3/3 in Living Spirit (compared to 1/3 in the starter spec) .


Major – Glyph of Swiftmend

A must-have in my opinion. It stops your Swiftmend ability from consuming a HoT on the target. You no longer have to waste time and mana (and health) refreshing HoT’s after Swiftmending somebody!

Major – Glyph of Wild Growth

Also a must have. But only useful in raids. If your not raiding you can go without this. It increases the number of people affected by Wild Growth by 1.

Major – Glyph of Nourish

This one is great too! Increases the amount healed by Nourish by an additional 6% per HoT on the target.

Major – Glyph of Rapid Rejuvenation

Introduced in 3.3, possibly the best current Major Resto Druid glyph. It increases the speed your Rejuvenation ticks happen. So it might reduce it from 3 to 2 seconds between each tick. It might be a slight problem in 25 mans where you need to be healing a lot of people. Ideal for 10 mans.

Minor – Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth

Probably the best Minor Glyph there is for Resto Druids. Your Rebirth spell no longer costs a reagent with this. I have hit Rebirth before on a tank who just died to find out I had no reagents.

Minor – Glyph of Dash

Not so obviously useful unless you need to move to somewhere else relatively quickly that takes more than 5 seconds.

Minor – Glyph of the Wild

Decreases the mana cost of MoTW and GoTW by 50%. Handy when you need to buff somebody who has been rezzed in the middle of a fight.

Tank Healing (10/25 Man Raids) (2)

  • 2.1 – Tank Healing (10/25 Man Raids) Strategy 1 – Nourish ‘N HoTs

Keep up Rejuvenation, 1-3x Lifebloom, Regrowth and Wild Growth on the Tank. Use Nourish on top of these HoTs. Unless there is an emergency, only Nourish while the HoTs are up. If you do it when they aren’t on the Tank, your missing out on a lot of Healing. Let Lifebloom Bloom and right after it has, reapply 1-3 stacks.

  • 2.2 -Tank Healing (10/25 Man Raids) Strategy 2 – Lifebloom Rolling

Keep up Rejuvenation, Wild Growth and 3 stacks of Lifebloom. At the last 1-2 seconds of Lifebloom, reapply it to keep up 3 stacks. Use Nourish in the meantime. This shouldn’t be attempted unless you outgear the instance by a fair amount. Lifebloom takes a lot of mana so you might find yourself going OOM (Out Of Mana) a lot while trying this strategy. (Not recommended)

  • 2.3 – Tank Healing (10/25 Man Raids) Strategy 3 – Multiple Lifebloom Rolling

This isn’t really viable anymore but I’ll explain it nevertheless. The trick is to keep up 2-3 stacks of Lifebloom on different Tanks at the same time. Your timing must be exact because you will need to refresh Lifebloom at the correct time and cast Rejuvenation, Wild Growth and Nourish when your not doing it. Not used very often.

  • 2.4 – Tank Healing (10/25 Man Raids) Strategy 4 – Slow Rolling

The idea here is to start with 1 Lifebloom on the target. Just before it blooms reapply it to 2 stacks. Just before it blooms put up one more for 3 stacks. This time let it bloom. Repeat.

5 Man Dungeon Healing (3)

If you leveled up a Druid to 80 yourself you probably know how to do this at but I’ll add it in any way. Rejuvenation should be up on the Tank at all times. Use Wild Growth on the tank and Nourish for a quick boost of health. If you are going to get silenced and you know it, put up HoTs on everyone who can/will take damage (Preferably Rejuvenation) .

Raid Healing (10/25 Man Raids) (4)

Here is a look into spells you might be using when Raid-Healing –

  • Rejuvenation: 15 Second HoT. This should be applied to as many people in your raid group when AoE damage is expected. Great HPM (Health Per Mana) ability.
  • Wild Growth: 7 Second AoE HoT. This is one of your most useful spells. Use it every CD and preferably on the Tank.
  • Regrowth: 24 Second HoT and burst heal. When used well, this is one of your most powerful abilities. It adds another HoT and HoT’s are hot! (I’m terribly fond of bad puns)
  • Lifebloom: 7 Second HoT with end burst heal. This ability can stack up to 3 times on one target. While Raid-Healing, don’t stack it. It uses a lot of mana and will almost always overheal, meaning wasted mana. At the end of the 6 seconds it will “bloom” and instantly heal for a large amount.
  • Nourish: Flash heal. This spell will heal for more when your HoTs are already on the target.
  • Swiftmend: Instant burst health spell. Unless you have Glyph Of Swiftmend, this will consume a Rejuvenation or Regrowth HoT effect from the target. Note that even with the glyph, you must have a Rejuvenation or Regrowth on the target.
  • Positioning While Raid Healing

Unless the boss has a gimmick that requires you to be in a certain spot at a certain time to avoid dying, you should try to position yourself so that a large amount of people in the raid are in range for you to heal them. The same rules apply like “stop standing in the fire”. Also make sure you can reach the MT(s) from where you are standing in case of emergency.

  • Help The Tanks Stay Alive While Raid Healing

Even while RH (Raid-Healing) you should be trying to keep Lifebloom and Rejuvenation on the MT(s). Regrowth too if your not in a hurry to heal other players. Remember, tanks are part of the raid too.

  • Summary

Keep Wild-Growth on CD and cast it on a Tank. If the fight has AoEs, keep up Rejuvenation on as many people as possible. When a large amount of damage hits everybody in the raid, Nourish them, regardless of HoTs. When things are more under control HoT them then Nourish. Make sure the MT has Rejuvenation at all times and at LEAST 1 stack of Lifebloom, preferably more. Save NS + HT for Tanks and Healers but use Swiftmend on players with almost no health.

PvP Healing (Battleground/Arena) (5)

This is a pretty large subject so I’m not going to be covering it in this guide. In the future, when I have a guide to it, I’ll replace this paragraph with a link to the post.

Gems And Enchants (6)s


Consumables (7)

Tender Shoveltusk Steak and Firecracker Salmon give the best food buffs currently. 46 Spell-Power and 40 Stamina. Fish Feasts also offers this.


If you are looking for MP5 go for Flask of Pure Mojo. If you are looking for Spell-Power go for Flask of the Frost Wyrm. Druids will (usually) get more use out of the latter.

Runic Mana Potion is by far the best potion to have. In a mana-intensive fight every bit counts.

Macros (8)

Here is a macro to combine Natures Swiftness with Healing Touch for an instant big heal:

/cast Natures Swiftness

/cast Healing Touch (rank 15)

Yeah… thats it. If you know anymore please tell me in the comments. Not too many for a Resto Druid (at least that I know of).

FAQ (9)

There can’t be a FAQ without questions now can there? Once again, ask anything you would like to know in the comments and I may put the answer in the FAQ. That “may” is about 99%.

Ok, thats my guide. Feel free to ask in the comments anything or tell me what I missed out/got incorrect.